Oak Ridge Sportsman Association

Membership in ORSA

The Oak Ridge Sportsmen's Association (ORSA) is an organization of shooters, hunters, archers, fishermen and others dedicated to outdoor sports and conservation. Membership is open to all citizens of the United States, ages 19 or older, who have never been convicted of a felony, and whose activities and behavior do not conflict with the best interests of the majority of the membership.

The ORSA members come from all walks of life. Nonprofit and private, it has excellent facilities. Numerous special interest clubs (e.g. skeet, rifle, archery, pistol) form the basis of the organization and are open to any member. A monthly bulletin and this web site are used to inform members of events, meetings and other matters. Meetings are open to any member.

ORSA emphasizes safety and common sense. Members are asked to follow a set of simple rules designed to permit safe enjoyment of the facilities.

For organizational and security reasons, It is ORSA's Policy to not allow admittance to the facilities and ranges until a New Member Application Form has been filed and the Board has reviewed and approved that application. If an ORSA member in Good Standing wants to give you a tour that is fine, but they take on the personal responsibility for your safety, as well as setting the time and date. ORSA, the organization, is not responsible for the appointment nor any injuries nor loss while visiting the facility. There is extensive information on this web site regarding the activities, facilities, and sub clubs which should be consulted before visiting ORSA, including New Member Orientation.