Oak Ridge Sportsman Association

Archery Range

Contact Information
Range Contact:Don Wood

Range Rules

  • No hunting of any kind on ORSA premises, but ORSA does have organized and scheduled hunts for members ONLY, that meet qualifications.
  • No shooting under the influence or possession of alcohol or drugs.
  • Do not shoot before 9AM (noon Sunday unless participating in a scheduled event) or after sunset.
  • Before shooting, check down range.
  • No handling of guns with personnel down range.
  • Always keep guns pointed in a safe direction. Shoot straight down range.
  • Guns open and unloaded at all times except when on shooting stations and ready to shoot.
  • Obey all NRA and other applicable range and safety rules.
  • Wear eye and ear protection for both shooting and watching.
  • Plink only on the Plinking Range.