Oak Ridge Sportsman Association

Three Gun

Welcome to the ORSA 3-Gun page. 3-Gun shooting events are practical shooting events where the stages are shot with a combination of a rifle, handgun, and shotgun. Matches generally involve courses where the shooter must move through different stages, and engage targets in a variety of different positions. Each stage will generally require the use of different firearms and require the shooter to transition between different firearms. Force multipliers are generally awarded to the score based on the caliber of the ammunition the shooter uses.

Contact Information
Club Contact:Robert Toner


Safety First. The emphasis of action pistol competitions is SAFETY. All action pistol matches are run under a range officer. Participants will acquire (from holster, from a drawer, from a table top, etc) and maneuver with the pistol while maintaining a safe muzzle direction. Safety is first, accuracy is second, speed is a distant third. New shooters are always welcome and are given special attention by the range officers to assist them in learning the rules of the sport. Come out and join in the fun.