Oak Ridge Sportsman Association


The FIELD ARCHERY RANGE offers a walk-through range is designed for archery enthusiasts and bow hunters.

Contact Information
Club Contact:Don Wood

Archery Range
Archery Range

General History

Since its beginning perhaps more than 15,000 years ago, the discipline of archery has fed mankind, dramatically changed world politics, and has been practiced by a countless number of people. Nearly every culture in the world developed bows, and used them for hunting, combat, and competition. Archery teaches form, precision, relaxation, and strength. This improves the archer's skill at his sport, and also betters the archer as a person.

Our Motto

We are devoted to making archery accessible to all active ORSA members. Our members include beginners who have never shot before joining, skilled competitors, and shooters who simply find archery to be relaxing and enjoyable.

Key Benefits

The Archery range at ORSA offers the following:

  • 3-D Targets
  • Walking Course