Oak Ridge Sportsman Association

Welcome to ORSA

The Oak Ridge Sportsmen's Association (ORSA) is an organization of shooters, hunters, archers, fishermen and others dedicated to outdoor sports and conservation. Membership is open to all citizens of the United States, ages 19 or older, who have never been convicted of a felony, and whose activities and behavior do not conflict with the best interests of the majority of the membership.

Wounded Warrior Fun Shoot
ORSA's Bench Rest Range


ORSA memberships is open to anyone that is a citizen of the United States and has not been convicted of a felony charge. In addition, we ask that you be sponsored by a current member in good standing and that you are a member of a nationally recognized shooting organization such as NRA, NSSA, NSCA, IDPA, USPSA, SASS, ICORE or one of the other numerous groups available.

Range Information

As an ORSA member, you may enter the ORSA grounds at any time and use the facilities, subject to ordinary good sense and the particular rules for that facility. There are specific shooting times, however:

  • Mon - Sat: 09:00 - Sunset
  • Sun: Noon - Sunset
  • Evenings during Winter and Summer Leagues


We know you will have many questions about ORSA, ORSA memberships, and the ORSA facilities. We have a developed a frequently asked questions (FAQ) page to help address the most common questions.